We've Launched a New Website

July 8, 2022

The Abingdon PTA has launched a new website that’s Informative, fast, and cheap.

  • Informative: The site’s content is completely up-to-date, with information about PTA roles, important documents, and highlights of PTA programs.
  • Fast: The site is very fast. Pages load almost instantly and use minimal resources. The new site won’t spin up your laptop fan or burn though your mobile data cap.
  • Cheap: The site costs nothing to host. We also changed domain registrars; together, the two changes will result in significant savings for the PTA.

Highlights of the new website include:

  • The leadership page lists all of our officers and coordinators - and clicking on each positions provides a detailed description of each role.
  • The history page is a great way to learn more about our school’s 72 year history.
  • The documents page offers easy access to our bylaws, meeting minutes and other helpful information.

If you have suggestions for the new website, share them with us at [email protected].

For those interested in technical details, the new website runs on Hugo, a static site generator. It’s uploaded to Github and hosted on Cloudflare Pages.

If you’d like to serve as a backup administrator for this website, please reach out to [email protected]. We’d be happy to show you the ropes.