Abingdon's Garden Wins Prizes at County Fair

August 22, 2022

Abingdon Elementary brought home a few ribbons from the Arlington County Fair! Plants grown in Abingdon’s garden won the following prizes:

  • Okra: Reserve Champion; First Premium, Division K
  • Banana Peppers: First Premium, Division Y
  • Mint: First Premium, Division K
  • Basil: First Premium, Division K
  • Tomatoes: Second Premium, Division K
  • Zinnia: Third Premium, Division K

We are incredibly grateful to the Eco Action Team and our teachers Ms. Upshur and Ms. Barnes for their garden leadership! We are also grateful to all of the volunteers — students, families, and community members — whose hard work ensured these prize-winning plants sprouted and thrived.

Pop by the school garden to check out our prize-worthy plants!

Prize-winning plants grown in Abingdon's garden