Abingdon Student Directory Coming This Fall

September 6, 2022

The Abingdon PTA is pleased to announce we intend to create an online student directory during the 2022-2023 school year. This new directory will help families in the Abingdon community connect to arrange playdates or carpools, discuss classroom activities, and share other school-related information. It will contain information for only those families who have opted in to share such information with the PTA as part of the Annual Online Verification Process that all families complete annually. Only those families who “opt in” will have access to the directory and the PTA will not release the information to businesses or any other third-party.

How to opt in: #

Every year, as part of the Annual Online Verification Process (AOVP), families are required to review or update their contact information in ParentVUE and verify that their information on file with the school is accurate and current. When completing this process, parents will come to a page asking whether they would like their family contact information to be included in the PTA Student Directory. Please be sure to select “Yes, Please provide my student/family information” to opt in to being included. (See screenshot below.)

Screenshot showing how to opt-in to the online student directory

For technical assistance: #

Please contact Abingdon for assistance in activating your ParentVUE account or completing the AOVP.

More information about the directory: #

Once the AOVP deadline has passed, the school registrar will provide student and family data to the PTA for inclusion in the new online student directory. Based on the current deadline of October 31st for families to complete the AOVP, the Abingdon PTA hopes to publish the directory sometime in November. For questions about the directory, please contact Kathryn White at [email protected].