Executive Board Meeting Minutes — August 9, 2022

Call to Order #

The virtual budget work session was called to order at 8:00pm. Executive Board members in attendance:

  • Sharon Burd, President
  • Clare Rosenberger, VP for Fundraising
  • Meredith Greene, VP for Events
  • Ashley Farrugia, VP for Staff Appreciation
  • Christian Lindstrom, Treasurer
  • Dan Burd, Secretary

Events #

Meredith Greene

  • Meredith stated that she only has the bandwidth for the larger events, and asked whether the smaller events (coffee events, playdates) could be moved to the Community Relations section, which was done. (This does not necessarily mean that Megan will be responsible for them, as Sharon said she enjoyed doing these too.)
  • Meredith asked whether we would do in-person PTA events. Clare opined that perhaps we could just do one. $300 was subsequently appropriated to support food and babysitting for that meeting.
  • Project GIFT and STEAM night were zeroed out. We didn’t do them last year and we will work on appropriating money this year if the administration expresses an interest in having them.

Staff Appreciation #

Ashley Farrugia

  • Ashley said that custodial staff did not receive Abingdon t-shirts last year, and that we should make sure we get them t-shirts this year.
  • Ashley wanted to do something for the October and February teacher work days. Dan stated that these don’t necessarily have to be separate line items, and that they can be covered by the “general staff appreciation” line item.

Fundraising #

Clare Rosenberger

  • Clare expressed interest in doing something like Raise Craze, more spirit nights (pending 501(c)3 approval) and soliciting for in-person donations at the time of people joining the PTA.
  • Clare expressed disinterest in doing “penny wars” or a silent auction.
  • Clare and others expressed a preference for replacing the Mixed Bags fundraiser with something more modern and palatable to our school’s parents.
  • Board members agreed that we should buy car magnets and sell them for about $5.
  • Clare was comfortable with the fundraising budget as-is and hoped to surpass the expected totals.

Laminator #

  • There not agreement among board members about how much to budget for laminator repair and laminator film.
  • Sharon will reach out to a couple of teachers to determine how critical the laminator is to the school.