Interested in being a part of PTA leadership? Let us know!

The Abingdon Elementary PTA is seeking people who are interested in serving as PTA officers for the 2022-2023 school year. This is a great way to be involved in your school community, organize fun activities for the children and staff, and to increase family engagement. The collective effort from our volunteer team helps build a strong community both inside and outside the classroom. ❤️

Being a PTA officer is a manageable commitment and is compatible with a full-time job. PTA officers typically spend 5-10 hours per week on PTA activities. It is fulfilling time spent with neighbors and fellow parents, helping children, solving challenges and building community while modeling community spirit for our Abingdon family.

We ask that PTA officers join our monthly general membership meetings, as well as join executive board meetings each month. (So, 2 meetings per month.) If you may be interested, or if you just have questions, feel free to email the PTA Nominating Committee at by Sunday, April 3.

🦸 President

The President leads the PTA. The President presides over PTA meetings, takes the lead in communicating with school officials, and generally ensures that the PTA is running smoothly.

✍️ Secretary

The Secretary takes notes during each PTA meeting, and maintains the PTA's non-financial records such as bylaws and officer lists.

💰 Treasurer

The Treasurer manages the PTA's funds and all of the records relating to those funds. The Treasurer pays for things that the PTA needs, prepares financial reports to keep the PTA informed, and makes required submissions to the IRS and the Virginia PTA to ensure that the Abingdon PTA is in good standing.

🧙 Vice Presidents

We are looking for six vice presidents (VP's) whose topic areas span the range of what our PTA does. We will work hard to recruit coordinators who will take charge of individual programs and events; VP’s will provide supervision and guidance to coordinators, while representing their programs with the Executive Board.

  • 📣 VP for Communications

  • Supervises our social media updates, website, directory, flyers, and translation efforts.

  • 💵 VP for Fundraising

  • Supervises our fundraising initiatives: Read-A-Thon, Spirit Nights, Spirit Wear, Edukit, and passive fundraising programs (like Amazon Smile).

  • 🎓 VP for Educational Programs

  • Supervises our educational programs: the Abingdon Community Garden, After School Enrichment, and any new or restarted educational initiatives we choose to undertake this year.

  • 🏘️ VP for Community Relations

  • Supervises charity drives (winter coat drive, canned food drive) as well as the PTA's representatives to countywide councils.

  • 🎉 VP for Events

  • Chairs the Events Committee which organizes events throughout the year: Trunk-or-Treat, Winter Wonderland, Free Book Swap, International Night, and 5th Grade Promotion.

  • 🙏 VP for Staff Appreciation

  • Chairs the Staff Appreciation Committee which organizes staff appreciation initiatives throughout the year.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions you may have. We are eager to engage more volunteers with our activities to help our cardinals soar! ❤️


2021-2022 Nominating Committee

Gulnora Ashurova

Dan Burd

Sharon Burd

Sara Carr

Christian Lindstrom

Amber Scivolette

Lauren Shaub