Tuesday Folder

Abingdon students typically come home with a “Tuesday Folder” in their backpacks on Tuesdays. This folder contains information from the school, the teacher, the PTA, and student work.

There may be instances in which your family may not receive a Tuesday Folder – for instance, if your child was absent or if there is a substitute teacher in place of your child’s regular classroom teacher on a Tuesday. We want to make sure families stay as informed as possible. As a result, this year we will share on the PTA website some documents that were provided in that week’s Tuesday Folder.

We will only share documents sent to the entire school, not to a particular classroom. We also cannot share certain schoolwide content for security reasons, such as flyers containing codes for entering our virtual PTA meetings and documents containing codes for ordering school pictures. The best way to ensure you receive this information is subscribing to our newsletter, the Cardinal Courier.

September 27, 2022 #

Membership Drive flyer

September 20, 2022 #

No known schoolwide flyers.

September 13, 2022 #

Family Science Night flyer Reflections flyer Harris Teeter Rebates flyer

September 6, 2022 #

Fall Enrichment #

English #

First page of English Fall Enrichment flyer Second page of English Fall Enrichment flyer

Spanish #

First page of Spanish Fall Enrichment flyer Second page of Spanish Fall Enrichment flyer