Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with the PTA #

If you’re interested in volunteering with the PTA, a great first step is to fill out our Volunteer Form so we can learn more about your interests, skills, and availability. We always need more volunteers!

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Additionally, the PTA requests volunteers to help with events on an ad hoc basis. Please follow or subscribe to one of our communication tools, or fill out the Volunteer Form, in order to be informed of these volunteer opportunities. Typically volunteers help set up before events, clean up after events, or assist during events. This is a fun way to meet people and become familiar with the PTA.

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Abingdon Elementary’s Volunteer Application #

We also strongly recommend that parents and other community members complete a volunteer application with the school. APS requires that all parents volunteering in the building complete a Volunteer Application, including on-site PTA volunteers.

Once you have completed your application, you will receive information about volunteer opportunities with the school, including reading to students, chaperoning field trips, and other fun and enriching activities.

Prospective volunteers:

  • provide proof of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine
  • take a training that is provided by APS
  • have a criminal background check processed by APS

The process takes about a week to complete. When you start your application, please notify Nikki Jondahl, Abingdon’s Volunteer and Partnership Liaison, at [email protected].

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